Taeyeon hints at Ladies’ Era comeback, followers ask ‘the place are my clown footwear?’

, Taeyeon hints at Ladies’ Era comeback, followers ask ‘the place are my clown footwear?’


Followers of Ladies’ Era know that nothing a lot may be accomplished in regards to the lack of actions for the woman group that dominated your complete second technology of Okay-pop because the group has been inactive since 2017. Nonetheless, with the fifteenth anniversary since their debut approaching, followers are actually getting an increasing number of hopeful as a comeback appears inevitable. Member Taeyeon not too long ago hinted at one thing that has triggered followers to begin theorizing.

All eight members of SNSD gathered collectively for the primary time in years on the selection present, ‘You Quiz on the Block’ in late 2021, which quickly sparked comeback rumors because the official Twitter format of the group was out of the blue modified. Nonetheless, nothing got here out of it, leaving followers heartbroken. On March 16, a video name between Taeyeon and a fan hinted at a doable SNSD comeback that has triggered unrest within the Ladies’ Era fandom.


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Taeyeon hints at a Ladies’ Era comeback

Ladies’ Era’s Taeyeon, who’s at present celebrating the success of her solo album ‘INVU’, was on a video name with a fan the place the singer was requested if a fifteenth Anniversary comeback from SNSD aka Ladies’ Era may very well be anticipated anytime quickly. Taeyeon responded by saying, “Perhaps? I feel that’s doable”. As quickly because the video was launched, followers began joking about the way it may very well be the “nth” time SONEs (followers of SNSD) have been teased with a brand new comeback rumor that all the time seems to be pretend. One fan joked, “Taeyeon: “a snsd comeback is feasible” sones falling for it for the nth time:” One other fan joked, “taeyeon about snsd comeback on their fifteenth anniversary: “perhaps? i feel that’s doable” me rn:”


Is a Ladies’ Era comeback doable in 2022?

Then again, some followers imagine that that is probably the most ultimate time for SM Leisure to have a comeback for the veteran woman group. Nonetheless, many situations stand in the way in which of the women being open to nonetheless be part of the group within the years that comply with. Although SNSD has not formally disbanded, all eight members have been relatively occupied with their private lives in addition to their flourishing solo careers, which signifies that a few of them are busier than others.

Followers identified the present scenario of Ladies’ Era members shouldn’t be ultimate for a full album comeback, which implies they might be fortunate to even get a single for the fifteenth anniversary. Making an attempt to get all eight SNSD members collectively may itself result in scheduling conflicts, which has led followers to take the comeback info with a grain of salt, although they’d be glad about something the members give them. One fan stated, “Realistically if a comeback have been to occur this 12 months, I am considering merely a single.” One other remarked, “With how lots of the women are doing musicals or capturing dramas/films, it might be VERY exhausting for schedules to line up correctly, as a result of they’re so lengthy to shoot.” One other fan stated, “I might say the fifteenth is their final real looking one left in order that they higher capitalize it. What are the percentages are all 8 members are single, don’t have any youngsters, are energetic within the trade and wish to comeback in 5 years?”


‘Collect up clowns’

Followers are calling out SM Leisure for clowning them many times with hopes of an SNSD comeback. One confused fan requested, “The place is my clown footwear?” and one other responded, “Mine are on my ft. They by no means got here off.” One fan joked, “Collect up clowns we wait until nothing occurs till one other massive announcement.” One fan alleged, “I am satisfied it can occur and it will likely be OT8. SM cannot delay this anymore in the event that they wish to maintain the SNSD model related. The fifteenth anniversary is an ideal alternative,” to which one other stated, “Right here you dropped your masks: 🤡”

One fan stated, “Do not try this, do not give me hope.” One other fan stated, “I’ll solely imagine after they begin saying “will” or “actively engaged on it” or “tehee we’re recording one thing what may or not it’s wink wink” as an alternative of “may”.” One hopeful fan stated, “I really do not suppose that is terribly farfetched after watching their look on Yoo Quiz on the Block,” whereas one other responded, “They’ve all been saying they are going to do one thing for his or her fifteenth, the query isnt “if” to me, the query is what.” One other fan stated, “Don’t play with me taeyeon.”

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