Estudio maduración

Estudio maduración INVU, Estudio maduración INVU | Como llenarlo y requisitos INVU

The maturation study is the next step. What you must do is fill out the document called INVU Maturation Study or Mature Contract Study Request. 

This study can be filled out in our office or we can send it to your email.

An important recommendation before requesting the maturation study is to verify that your last installment is correctly accredited.

The completed and signed ripening study must be sent by email to the INVU central offices at [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] . You must attach the copy of the deposit corresponding to the administrative expense, which is ₡2,000 for each INVU contract to be processed. You must also attach a copy of your identity card on both sides.

Account numbers to deposit 

The account numbers to deposit the 2 thousand colones for each INVU contract to be processed are: 

  • National Bank IBAN: CR86015100010010531401
  • Bank of Costa Rica IBAN:CR60015201001023686921
  • Legal ID: 4-000-042134


Result and requirements maturation study

After sending said study, you should wait approximately 10 business days. At the end of these days, you will receive the result from the central offices. Normally you will receive this result by email, where you will be informed if there are any problems or if you can continue with the processing of your financing.

Within our website you can enter and find the INVU requirements for all projects and related information. 

You can find the different requirements for the following projects: 

  • Buying a new or used house
  • lot purchase
  • Construction on own lot
  • Lot purchase and construction
  • Expansion or remodeling 
  • mortgage payment

Additionally, we will leave you an instruction to be able to fill out the INVU maturation study correctly.

If there are additional questions or queries, it will be a pleasure for us to serve you! 

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Estudio maduración INVU, Estudio maduración INVU | Como llenarlo y requisitos INVU

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