33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes


, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

The 1987 John Hughes vacation basic “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” is taken into account by many to be one of the best Thanksgiving film of all time. Many households, together with my very own, display the ’80s movie at household gatherings this week, and in some circumstances, these watch events contain mentioning all of the obtrusive plot holes. Such is the case in my household, which incorporates a number of engineers, a couple of pilots and different assorted non-stupid folks.

Throw in a fact-finding journalist, in a vacation setting the place the bourbon is free-flowing, and now you’ve obtained one other layer added to this timeless story of commuter complications on steroids. PT&A is a narrative of extremist Murphy’s Legislation (“every part that may go incorrect, will go incorrect”), or principally taking American Airways, wherever, at any time. Hey oh!

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

There are a ton of minor and miscellaneous errors that we gained’t have time to cowl right here. We’ve observed and examine a number of small scale and simply ignored inconsistencies and contradictions (Michael McKean’s Illinois state trooper character is outwardly dressed within the Wisconsin uniform), however “ain’t no one obtained time for that.”

In any case that is loads of egregious over-analysis of a mainstream field workplace comedy movie.

Nonetheless, when you want extra of that kind of factor, you should definitely try this link and in addition this link which covers among the Easter Eggs, and tougher to catch errors on this film.

Additionally, for additional studying, I’ve done 1,300 plus words on what bowl game Notre Dame and USC are playing in on Christmas Eve during “Die Hard.”

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

Manhattan to LaGuardia Commute Plot Holes Aplenty

Because the film begins, Neil Web page (Steve Martin) is taking a look at his wrist watch which says 4:45 pm. By the point he escapes the assembly and will get exterior, it’s close to 5pm EST. It’s the Tuesday earlier than Thanksgiving in New York Metropolis, and on this calendar day, it might have already been pitch black exterior for not less than a half hour. But right here it’s nonetheless broad daylight.

Additionally, it’s rush hour, in NYC, and Web page thinks he’s going to make the commute to La Guardia (the airport portrayed within the movie, regardless of his ticket studying JFK) from Manhattan in time to catch a 6pm flight?

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

That flight would board at about 5:20-5:30, plus what about time to stroll by the concourse and undergo safety screening?

Web page’s co-worker advises him to attend and take the 8pm flight with him. If he did, he’d STILL have to depart round this time. Even within the ’80s, you wanted to get to the airport not less than an hour/90 minutes forward of your flight. Lastly, a BMW stops simply earlier than operating over Neil. When it drives off, it’s now a Lincoln.

That flight would have possible by no means taken off within the first place

As all of the pilots in my household will inform you, climate adjustments each 4 hours. The flight from New York to Chicago is simply two, so a extreme winter storm of this magnitude, which shuts down O’Hare for an extended length of time, would have been considerably anticipated.

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

Most probably, the aircraft would have by no means left the bottom, as a result of they might have seen a storm like this coming and ready.

It Would have Landed Someplace East, not West of Chicago

Let’s say the winter storm that backs up “19 hours of air site visitors” as alluded to later within the movie, DID come out of nowhere, mid-flight (the American Airways trying aircraft on the bottom now has TWA colours within the sky for some purpose), the pilots wouldn’t re-route to a vacation spot lots of of miles west/additional away!

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

I perceive you don’t have a film until the aircraft will get grounded, lengthy in need of the vacation spot, however it might have landed someplace in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan or Indiana, not in Wichita, Kansas.

Practice Points

Are we positive that Amtrak would have let the passengers off and stroll throughout the sector of mud? Wouldn’t they be on the hook for making an attempt to offer their massively inconvenienced passengers a extra legit means dwelling?

And we positive that the biggest metropolis within the state of Kansas has no commuter trains in any respect? Because the hillbilly character tells us, solely livestock trains depart Wichita, to get an Amtrak you must go to some place referred to as Stubville.

Appears suspicious.

Why is the bus approaching St. Louis from the Illinois facet?

First off, why doesn’t Web page, who’s as determined and decided to get dwelling as any vacation traveler ever, not know his bus’ vacation spot till Del Griffith tells him throughout the trip?

Wouldn’t Web page, or anyone who ever will get on a bus, in any respect, know that earlier than boarding? And apparently the bus driver, coming from Jefferson Metropolis, Missouri, determined to cross into Illinois first earlier than then coming again into St. Louis.

Why? That’s as much as him/her, however what we do know is that bus crosses a Mississippi River bridge into the town.

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

Getting from St. Louis to Chicago- WTF?! These two factors should not that far aside

Unless you’re Bill Clinton, nobody is allowed to stroll throughout a working runway, which Web page each described and portrays. Granted safety pre-9/11 was extra lenient, but it surely was by no means like this.

Additionally, Web page, as ANGRY as he’s (justifiably and understandably so) didn’t suppose to attend for the subsequent rental automotive shuttle to come back again? These issues run on a loop, and it wouldn’t have been the final one which day because it’s nonetheless noon when this scene happens.

As Griffith and Web page watch their rental automotive burn after a late evening accident you’ll be able to learn a freeway signal that signifies they’re 102 miles to Chicago.

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

That would go away them with nearly an hour and 45 minutes drive remaining. Contemplating that it was brilliant daylight once they left the St. Louis airport, and due to this fact effectively earlier than 4pm, at newest, it’s nonetheless early night at this level within the movie. But they resolve to get a resort; that’s odd contemplating they have been keen to drive the identical burnt out automotive the subsequent day.

Journey from St. Louis to Chicago is simply 5 hours and only a straight shot on Interstate freeway 55, but we see Neil and Dell journey floor roads and swap drivers twice.


, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

After spending an evening in a motel and driving for awhile in the direction of Chicago they lastly hitch a trip in a dairy truck. Del then tells Neil they’re at present about 3 hours from Chicago.

Due to this fact, for some purpose, they drove effectively over an hour within the incorrect course?? Planes, Trains and Vehicles provides me an ice cream headache right here with their twisted pretzel “logic.”

Additionally, in that resort, Neal pleads to the nice nature of the resort clerk by telling him he’s been sporting the identical underwear since Tuesday. It’s Wednesday, the evening earlier than Thanksgiving, at this second.

Approaching Chicago from the east/Southeast?

Del tells Neil that the dairy truck driver will get freaked out when folks trip up within the cab with him; due to this fact they have to trip within the cargo maintain. However Dell was simply depicted using with the driving force.

Additionally, for some purpose they’re approaching Chicago on the Dan Ryan Expressway (which is straight south) as an alternative of the Stevenson (the direct route in between Chicago and St. Louis). Additionally, the vantage level is straight east, i.e. within the midst of Lake Michigan.

Moreover, the Sears Tower, which may be seen by the fog and cloud cowl whereas different very tall skyscrapers can’t, is going through a special course than the opposite buildings proven. Planes, Trains and Vehicles is all types of incorrect right here.

, 33 “Planes, Trains and Vehicles” Commuter/Geography Plot Holes

How did they get from La Salle/Van Buren to Kenilworth?

We see Dell and Neil say good bye on the La Salle/Van Buren L station downtown. After they reunite, Griffith is in an indoor ready room someplace (virtually no L stations have these, this particular station undoubtedly doesn’t) and the subsequent scene cuts to Web page’s dwelling block in Kenilworth.

So how did they get to a suburban practice? They clearly didn’t take a personal automotive as a result of why would they be strolling in the direction of the house from a distance carrying Del’s suitcase. I assume John Hughes reduce this commuter plot machine for time.

Anyway, Pleased Thanksgiving everyone!

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